About us




Monica Zaidman -  Founder, Creative Director & Designer
Monica Zaidman has been pursuing her passion since she was a young girl, recycling her own clothes to design outfits for her dolls. After graduating from fashion school, Monica started her first label, making clothes out of vintage lace curtains and table cloths in her small studio apartment in San Francisco. During that time she also worked for some of the largest global brands, including opening and running stores, merchandising, designing, training, and managing teams. Monica eventually became disenchanted with the unsustainable and exploitive aspects of the fashion industry in general and fast fashion in particular. That’s when she began working with artists, artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs around the world, creating, sourcing, and promoting products that are not only beautiful, but also connected to a deeper purpose


Born in Topanga, made in LA, inspired by the desert and the skies; comfortable, wearable, sustainable and above all beautiful.

Moona Star Clothing strives to walk lightly on this earth by producing unique one of a kind collections in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, with a select group of incredible artisans. Always sourcing sustainable and dead stock materials and striving for zero waste. We love creating for the conscious modern day bohemian. 

     A mystic, an artist, a traveler,  a woman with her heart on her sleeve. She is walking the path of mindfulness. In gratitude to mother earth, the sun, the moon and the universe that makes the magic happen. Always in wonder of miracles, what is beyond and finding beauty in everything. She is an optimist, yet grounded and confident in who she is. She has a bohemian heart, a gypsy spirit and conscious mind and body.

She is dancing through this world guided by the moon and stars....